VFA Students
VFA Students
VFA Students

Vernonia Family Academy is a public homeschooling program designed for parents who are excited and able to take the leading role in their child’s education, inspiring their students to become life-long learners through quality instruction based on meaningful, challenging, and engaging experiences. Vernonia Family Academy supports and encourages students as they pave their personal path to academic and social success in a non-traditional school setting. Vernonia Family Academy works together with the Vernonia School District to open the doors for all to discover the world of endless possibilities. If you would like more information about the Academy, please contact one of the instructional facilitators listed below.

Grade Level:     K-12


Address:      1000 Missouri Avenue, Vernonia, OR  97064

Phone:         503-429-1333

Fax:              503-429-0588


Superintendent and VFA Director:  Aaron Miller


Instructional Facilitators:

Debbie Taylor - email:

Courtney Ferguson - email:

Assistant: Katreasa Brown - email:



· Elementary:      Michelle Eagleson - email:

· Middle School: Nate Underwood - email:

· High School:    Nate Underwood - email:

· Vice Principal: Rachel Wilson - email:

MS Secretary / VSD Registrar: Stacy Adams - email:

MS/HS Secretary: Teresa Williams - email:

Elementary Counselor: David Spackman - email:

MS/HS Counselor/Academic Advisor: Peter Weisel - email:

Athletic Director: Gordon Jarman - email:


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