K-12 Building
Band Room
Outside the Commons
Vernonia High School is located at 1000 Missouri Avenue. The high school is housed in the west wing of the upper level of the Vernonia K-12 School and in various rooms throughout the main floor .  Vernonia High School possesses a state of the art band room, new science labs, and ample computer labs, as well as expansive athletic facilities. The high school shares a beautiful library site with Vernonia Middle School and Vernonia Elementary School. Vernonia High School is a comprehensive high school offering a variety of required and elective courses.


Grade Level: 9-12

Address: 1000 Missouri Avenue, Vernonia, OR  97064

Phone: 503-429-1333

Fax:  503-429-0588

Principal: Nate Underwood - email:

Vice Principal: Rachel Wilson - email:

Athletic Director: Gordon Jarman - email:

Secretary: Teresa Williams - email:

Registrar: Stacy Adams - email:

Counselor:  Peter Weisel - email:

Mascot:  Loggers


Mighty Logger

Operational Blueprints for 2021-22 School Year

Distance Learning Protocols as Needed

Student Investment Account